How technology enables successful management of human resources

Or - how the software solution of Planet Soft's partner, the world-famous company SAP, can enable successful human resource management through their unique SAP Success Factor cloud technology

We are increasingly witnessing accelerated changes in business as a result of digitization, which affects numerous business functions. Thus, digital transformation has not bypassed the function of HR - human resources management.

HR has never been more popular, it is not some "American" function, which we can only see in movies or series, but a serious strategic business function, which is highly developed and applied in numerous companies throughout our region. In many of our companies, there is no longer just a "personnel officer", as it was once popularly called, but there are developed services and experienced managers, who lead numerous activities related to the most valuable capital and resource of today's companies - human resources.
These are activities such as selection and recruitment, applications and administration, training and introduction of new employees to the job (popular onboarding), performance monitoring and fulfillment of employee goals, other training, career development, and various activities for employee satisfaction and loyalty (that's why they lead you on teambuilding) and, what is most important to many, the calculation of salaries for payment, and many others, which we can talk about another time.

How can technology help HR?

SAP is very well known and surely many have already encountered it in their work because a large number of companies probably already use it. SAP, as an abbreviation, otherwise means "Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing", and by its very definition is also the name for ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning or company resource planning software, which is SAP and the most famous.
SAP is a true pioneer in the development of software solutions for the improvement and automation of business processes, and as a company, it was founded back in 1972 in Germany today it is the 3rd largest company in the world with almost 10 billion dollars in revenue and 100,000 employees worldwide (briefly). SAP has many developed modules for various business functions, and our text deals with their unique SAP SuccessFactors solution for HR management.

Since there is an increasing struggle between companies for human resources and there are already numerous deficit professions without which it is simply impossible to work (remember our story about
 #MaherDeveloper==> Wanted?), thus, there is an increasing need for automation and optimization of numerous HR processes that are no longer justified to be done manually. Also, the working environment is rapidly changing due to the appearance of "young forces" on the labor market - well-known millennials, whose number is growing and becoming dominant. Millennials are very technologically literate and companies need to be technologically literate themselves, to succeed in attracting new talent and being ahead of the competition. That is why HR sectors of companies must be adequately equipped and ready to face turbulent times, to cope with new trends and challenges.

What is SAP SuccessFactors?


Source: avidhrconsulting.com

SAP SuccessFactors is a software solution based on cloud technology and is an excellent tool for automating numerous manual HR processes and activities. He is your savior and frees up your time so that you can devote yourself more to strategic activities. SAP SuccessFactors works in a cloud environment and can be used in organizations of all sizes, and in our region, it is already used by a large number of companies. SAP SuccessFactors is a very flexible solution, consisting of several modules that can be easily introduced individually and thus adapted to all HR needs. The SAP SuccessFactors solution is available for all types of devices and is adapted to each user, in accordance with his role in the company.

How can Planet soft help you with the SAP SuccessFactors solution?

Planet soft is a proud Gold Partner of SAP, and in addition to other SAP business solutions, we can also help you with the introduction and implementation of this great solution.

Our assistance consists in the implementation of the following modules of the SAP Success Factor solution:

  • The basic module of HR (Employee Central)
  • Fee calculation (Compensation)
  • Learning management (Learning Management)
  • Preparation of a new employee (Onboarding)
  • Management of results and objectives (Performance and Goal Management)
  • Succession and development planning (Succession and Development)
  • Recruitment management (Recruiting Management)
  • Employee analytics (Work Force Analytics Foundation – WFA)

Don't worry, we don't leave you to your own devices even during implementation, during which we help you by migrating existing employee data, planning and conducting training for your HR and IT departments, integrating with your relevant existing systems, if necessary, configuration and module customization, consulting and ongoing support.

If you are interested in anything from this SAP solution, as well as others, do not hesitate to contact us at office@planetsoft.ba.


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