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What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning or company resource planning software), created by one of the largest IT companies, the company SAP, and how it can help you in business and lead you to significant optimization and savings, we deal with this in this text.

You may or may not have heard of  SAP but in business circles, SAP is far from unknown and is very widespread in our region as well. We have already partly written about SAP in the text about the software solution for the needs of human resources management known as "SAP SuccessFactors". In this text, we will deal more with what ERP is as a software solution and what it can specifically do as a "help" in the business of small and medium-sized enterprises.

What is SAP and how it improves business processes?

Briefly and as a reminder, SAP stands for "Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing", and by its very definition is also the name for ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning or company resource planning software. SAP is a true pioneer in the development of software solutions for the improvement and automation of business processes, and as a company, it was founded back in 1972 in Germany today it is the 3rd in the world with almost 10 billion dollars in revenue and 100,000 employees worldwide.

Business processes represent the basis of the work organization of every company. It is a set of different activities or tasks that are performed in a certain order and that use certain resources of the company, to fulfill the ultimate mission of the company itself, which is different from case to case. As every business process is defined by parameters such as output quality, speed, cost, added value, and the like, it is logical that business processes represent the backbone of achieving a company's competitive advantage. Given that business processes often have cross-functional and internal organizational boundaries, many companies introduce an integrated ERP system for easier monitoring, organizing, optimizing, and analyzing their flow. This system supports the process orientation of business considering that it enables the automation of information and business processes, while at the same time it integrates different services and departments of the company. This is precisely the main reason why many companies today strive to implement an ERP system in their organizations, to achieve significant savings and increase the efficiency of business processes, and provide the necessary information support for making important business decisions.

SAP is world number 1 in the ERP market. The SAP system consists of several fully integrated modules that cover almost all aspects of business management.

The great advantage of SAP is over 30 highly specialized industrial solutions, which are specially adapted to business areas such as telecommunications, pharmacy, healthcare, oil and gas, chemical industry, energy, insurance, banking, media, retail, wholesale, etc. SAP has paid special attention to the needs of small and medium-sized companies, through specially adapted solutions for improving their business, which we will write a little more about later in the text.

SAP business solutions for small and medium enterprises 

Especially important for small and medium-sized companies is the SAP Business All-in-One solution, which is characterized by its fast implementation, which causes minimal disruptions in the business process during its execution, and does not require interruption of the business process. The basic functional areas of SAP are supported by a series of modules that fall into three categories: basic, industrial, and additional functionality modules (such as CRM). It is important to emphasize that SAP solutions are flexible and designed to support the specificities of countries and companies.

In the following infographic you can see a typical day in the life of a medium-sized company:


For all these processes, SAP offers solutions for automation and optimization, and for small and medium-sized companies it is especially adapted for numerous processes, which often take up too much valuable time.

SAP ERP for small and medium-sized businesses, can help you with the following:

  • Planning (production, sales, technical, annual, etc.)
  • Monitoring of that cash, postings, reporting
  • Procurement, the balance of demand and supply, automatic ordering
  • Warehouse, real-time inventory status, and required replenishment
  • Sales: wholesale, retail, online sales, rebates, commercial terms, write-offs, customer cards, etc.
  • Invoicing (creating, sending, currency tracking, etc.)
  • The flow of incoming invoices and approval process (scanning, automatic sending for approvals, payment alarms, automatic posting, reporting...)
  • Automated tracking of costs and accounting reporting, the possibility of adjustment for different levels and organizational units

These are just some of the many possibilities that SAP modules provide, and once you try them, you can hardly go back! If you want more information, contact us at office@planetsoft.ba, so that we can help you in considering your current situation and creating the best solution. We are at your disposal, without any obligations, even if you are intrigued by SAP and want to find out more information.


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